I am madly in love with the unfolding mystery of life. To be honest, I am not sure where it takes me, but I am devoted to follow it and invite others to the party too!

I was born in Russia and moved to Austria as a child. While growing up, I struggled with depression (to put it briefly). I felt I was not worthy of love, success or happiness. On my quest to find clarity and healing, I asked myself the question:

What’s the nature of reality?

The journey led me to explore various healing modalities, life philosophies and spaces of transformation. Many beautiful teachers and guides – including my beloved partner in shine Chris – have helped me to come more and more into my power. Or better put: to remember that life is not happening to me, but for me.

The shifts happened gradually and sometimes in quantum leaps.

What I continue to realize is that truth is far more bizarre than it seems on the surface. And yet, the less I try to solve this riddle with my intellect, the more I feel home, in ease and at peace.

Over the last 8+ years I supported other beautiful beings in my coaching, workshops and various transformational containers. My background is my personal journey. It ranges from business and socio- ecological economics studies, to meditation, yoga, tantra, embodiment and more. I love working with purpose- driven individuals that are ready to lead their life or business with authenticity and joy!

A doula once sparked a fire within my heart to connect deeper with my period. And since then, I am obsessed to bring this wisdom to other women and girls around the world.

I envision a new paradigm of working and living together. Re-connecting with Earth rhythms, remembering the mystery, and holding space for our own suffering and greatness. To me, the female cycle is a forgotten shadow and reflection of the whole.

This vision starts with how we lead ourselves first. Leadership to me is not a title, not a position and not any superficial label. Leadership is about how we show up to life. In every given moment. No matter what life offers you – you are in power to accept it as a sacred gift.

On a personal note: what motivates me to bring this work

I don’t claim to know it all. Nor to be special.

I am unique. Just like you.
I am human. Just like you.

There are moments in my life where I feel desperate, anxious and too self-centered.
There are moments where I cry out of gratitude to be able to experience the cosmic play we call life.

I – like you – exist on a spectrum.
And I – like you – am a process, not a fixed object.

I am continuously learning to give up labels of who my limited self believes I am or I am not.
I am continuously learning to trust and surrender to the flow of life.

My intention is to be in service of love.
With what I am, create and do.

With Love, Alisa

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