My approach to coaching is simple: I challenge you when need it, remind you of your self-worth when you forget, and empower you to find solutions where there are seemingly none. This is a partnership. And its only purpose is to support you in manifesting yours.

purpose: aligning who you are with being in service

power: unifying inner divisions and surrendering to the flow

pleasure: expanding your sexual sensual energetic potential

• Clarity and Purpose
• Energy Management
• Confidence, Trust, Self-worth
• Authentic Life, Career and Business Development
• Peak Performance and Leadership
• Relationships

• Embodiment and Somatics
• Emotional Maturity
• Body-Mind-Heart Intelligence
• Feminine / Masculine Energetics
• Experiential Learning
• Conscious Sexuality
• Shadow Work
• Inner Child Work
• System Thinking

This is your personalized support system to thrive with life and lead from a state of connection, trust and joy.

• Intensive 1-on-1 Journey
• Live Video Session, Goal Tracking and Habit Analysis, Playbooks, Embodiment Practices, Guided Audio Tools
• German, English, Russian
• For All Individuals
• For Teams/Organizations: Please contact directly

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