Female CycleSuperpower

Peak performance, guiding intuition and feminine leadership with the power of your cycle.

12-Week Program To Re-Connect With Your Cycle Power And Tap Into Your Feminine Leadership potential

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Over centuries women have been conditioned to believe the lie that our cyclical nature is a burden to success and happiness. And if we want to play big in this world, we need to hide who we are.

I am here to tell that this is complete bullshit.
Your cycle is the source of your creative energy!
It is the gateway to your purpose and empowerment.

The more you connect to your cycle and sensual nature, the more open you become to love, joy, creativity, success and abundance.

„When we speak about empowering women, we need to talk about the female cycle. They are inseparable “

Program Duration:
13 June – 12. August 2021

Opening Ceremony

Her Story
– connection to self
– from burden to gift

Inner Rhythm
– inner seasons and life cycle
– sacred partnership

Inner Energy
– beyond pms, mood swings and pain
– emotional alchemy

Inner Alignment
– game of polarity
– leading with your gifts

Closing Ceremony

What will I receive?

  • 1 live opening ceremony for initiation | zoom call + recorded 8 video modules
  • 6 guided embodiment practices
  • 6 workbooks
  • 2 live group calls for Q&A + guided practice | zoom call + recorded weekly (short & sexy) morning activation techniques
  • additional resources, materials and guides
  • 1 live closing ceremony for integration | zoom call + recorded

Why this is important?

+ learn how to achieve more, by doing less
+ fall in love with your body and cycle
+ access your feminine energy for more radiance, growth and creation + release shame and difficult emotions
+ transform pms and mood swings
+ clear blockages to joy and sensuality
+ connect with your intuitive wisdom for greater clarity and guidance + embody surrendered leadership for your work and business

Your Investment: € 444,-

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Female Cycle Superpower for?

Is this for me if I experience irregularities, heavy bleeding or other conditions?

Do I have to be off the pill?

What are the dates for the live calls?

What if I can’t attend the live calls?

Do you offer refunds?
There are NO refunds UNLESS you go through it all, show me all the work you actually do (written material, etc.), and then come to a conclusion that it was somehow ultimately not helpful at all for you 😉

What if I have a personal question?
This is a live group journey where you will be supported by other queens. We will also have 2 live calls dedicated to all your questions. You can contact us here support@alisaeresina.com