Hi, I’m Alisa

I am deeply passionate about the unfolding mystery of life! I write, I speak, I create, I learn, I guide, share and support in many forms. Not because I believe I figured it all out. I simply enjoy inviting others on the journey of becoming who we are.

“Life is a mystery that is not meant to be solved. It’s meant to be experienced.”

A Small Gift For You

If you are stuck in your head, this is for you! In this meditation audio, you’ll connect to your heart center and activate your nervous system to receive more clarity, love and joy.

    Coaching with Alisa

    My approach to coaching is simple: I challenge you when need it, remind you of your self-worth when you forget, and empower you to find solutions where there are seemingly none. This is a partnership. And its only purpose is to support you in manifesting yours.

    This is your personalized support system to thrive with life and lead from a state of connection, trust and joy.



    Alisa offers workshops and talk on how we can unlock the power of the female cycle in work, life and business building.

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    From business, money, relationships, psychedelics and sexuality – Alisa jams with leaders and role models on how we step into our unique power and find our place in the world.

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      “…highly skilled Coach with great empathy and wisdom about personal life transformation.”
      – Toni Chung | Innovation Facilitator & Trainer

      “Alisa helped me through a very emotional low moment in my life. After every session I felt so empowered and gained so much clarity and direction. Alisa has a very heart-based and hands-on approach, which made me feel emotionally safe to share from my deeper being. My biggest lesson that I learned from the sessions with Alisa, is how to step into your power to transform yourself. ”
      – Floor Mertens | Associate Scientist at Ablynx

      “Alisa radiates an incredible energy and makes everyone around her seen and special, bringing out the most authentic and vulnerable self of people she works with.”
      – Tanja Sternbauer | Co-founder & Managing Partner at the female factor

      “I love working with Alisa because she responds to my individual personality and situation and made me instantly feel comfortable to speak openly about topics I am usually more restrained to talk about.”
      – Vera Grablechner | Digital Innovation and Business Consultant

      “I went into a 3 months coaching with Alisa to explore the all to familiar issues of identity and self-doubt and left with a much deeper level if understanding on self-care and personal growth.”
      – Vidya Venkataraman | Sales Manager

      “…what makes it immensely powerful, is that it all comes from within you! Whenever I would finish talking to Alisa, I would feel a sense of peace and equilibrium, while being ready for action in the same time.”
      – Cristina Soreanu | Project Manager at SOS Children’s Villages International

      “Alisa opens the space to come as you are – passionate, ambitious, vulnerable or a bit weird. I was all of that during our mentor-mentee time. And it was ok! Acceptance. Respect. Trust. Genuine Interest.
      – Johanna Ginter | Psychologist, Sexuality Educator, Coach

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