Hi, I’m Alisa!

I’m deeply passionate about the unfolding mystery of life. I write, I speak, I create, I learn, I guide, share and support in many forms. Not because I believe I figured it all out. I simply enjoy inviting others on the journey of becoming who we are.

why I am here

The reason why I do what I do is because I was seeking answers for myself at a young age. Why are we here? What is true happiness? What is worth pursuing?

I was born in Russia and moved to Austria as a child. While growing up, I faced various challenges and personal crisis. At the age of 17, I took a firm decision to find a way to move out of suffering and do everything in my power to create a meaningful life to me. Many years, failures, revelations, breakdowns and breakthroughs forward, I am at a place that allows me not only to experience the full spectrum of life with gratitude and wonder, but I’m in a position to serve others with my gifts.

I moved from…

  • constant self-doubt to courage, clarity and action,
  • superficial relationships to soul-nourishing connections,
  • being afraid to speak up to sharing my truth unapologetically,
  • and feeling depressed and not enough to living in joy and fullness.

Over the years I explored Western, Eastern and shamanic methodologies, and continue to learn and deepen my practice with incredible teachers. I am here to support others in realizing who they really are – an awakening from within that transforms the way you live, work, relate and simply are in this mysterious wonderful world.

professional bio

My background ranges from studying business and socio-ecological economics, meditation, yoga, tantra, embodiment & more. I held various leadership roles and managed different projects over the years. And over the years, I hosted a variety of events related to personal growth, leadership development and mindfulness-based living. In my 1-on-1 personal & business coaching I help people to get the BEST out of their life (German/English). That’s my jam!

Life is full of infinite opportunities for love, joy and fulfillment

Personal & Business Coaching

If you decide to work with me, here are some things you should know first…

Working with me will feel challenging and uncomfortable at times, but as the old saying goes “no pressure, no diamonds!” The greatest revelations are often hidden in our biggest shadows. If you are willing to look at the uncomfortable, you will re-invent yourself a new.

I will provide you with a safe space to go deep and feel supported let go of what doesn’t into serve you any more. This container is based on trust.

This isn’t a place for complaining or delegating ownership. You are here because you decide to step into your full potential and purpose. And you know that you are the only one who creates your reality.

I will hold you accountable for your higher self and vision. Yes, I will call out BS excuses and continuously push you to think BIG.

Working with me is also lots of fun! I love to laugh with you and make inappropriate jokes.

YOU are the agenda. This is your personalized journey. I challenge you when need it, remind you of your self-worth when you forget, and empower you to find solutions where there are seemingly none. You are the roadmap to your own greatness and awakening.

Ready to apply?

Private coaching with with me is currently a commitment of couple of months. Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed if we are a good fit. If you apply, please make sure the email address you give us is valid and add coaching @ alisaeresina.com to your contact list (so the emails don’t land in your spam;))

Once you commit to the program, I’m committed to our partnership.

APPLY for coaching

For Organizations & Companies

  • Executive and leaders coaching
  • Tailor-made workshops and programs for leadership development
  • Talks on how women can unlock the power of the female cycle in work, life and business building
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From business, money, relationships, psychedelics and sexuality – Alisa jams with leaders and role models on how we step into our unique power and find our place in the world.

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    “Working with Alisa I particularly appreciated the clarity I got out of each conversation. I had never looked at it that way before but I realised how much momentum clarity creates. This changed everything as I stopped trying to ‘do’ more and simply focused on getting very clear on my vision. That in turn started attracting everything else I needed to make that vision a reality. A couple of things which I believed to be problems simply evaporated and stopped being problematic. Ah yeah and I kind of doubled the amount of clients I worked with over the span of 4 months. So if you consider coaching with Alisa, go for it, it’s absolutely worth it.
    – Toma Molerov | Business Coach & Product Experience Lead at Evercoach by Mindvalley

    Working with Alisa has truly moved mountains for me. I came to her at a time when I was feeling burnt out, extremely unhappy, and I felt like I had hit a huge roadblock in my life and business. I’ve done a lot of personal development work like journaling, meditation, etc. in the past years — but this time around I felt like I couldn’t fix this on my own. So I decided to reach out. Working with her just feels easy to me, while at the same time she challenges me on so many levels to step into my true potential and play big. She’s someone that truly talks to your soul and that, to me, is priceless.
    – Olivia Scheibelreiter | Founder, Copywriter, Content Marketer

    Through her vast coaching (and life) experience and her passion and calling when it comes to the power of the female cycle she has the ability to not only unlock the full potential of women but of whole organizations. I can whole heartedly recommend working with Alisa if you get the chance to.
    – Tanja Sternbauer | Co-founder & Managing Partner at the female factor

    “Alisa helped me through a very emotional low moment in my life. After every session I felt so empowered and gained so much clarity and direction. Alisa has a very heart-based and hands-on approach, which made me feel emotionally safe to share from my deeper being. My biggest lesson that I learned from the sessions with Alisa, is how to step into your power to transform yourself. ”
    – Floor Mertens | Associate Scientist at Ablynx

    “Working with Alisa over a period of 6 months was a great experience and joy. She brings so much love and passion into each session, is open minded about every topic and very professional. She helped me understand and discover a much deeper level of my consciousness which  have been nagging on my mind for years. I connected with Alisa instantly and in every session I felt very comfortable speaking with her and take deeper dives. Thank you for such inspiring, relieving and energizing sessions again!”
    – Katharina Zach | Teamlead at ÖBB

    “…highly skilled Coach with great empathy and wisdom about personal life transformation.”
    – Toni Chung | Innovation Facilitator & Trainer

    “I went into a 3 months coaching with Alisa to explore the all to familiar issues of identity and self-doubt and left with a much deeper level of understanding on self-care and personal growth.”
    – Vidya Venkataraman | Sales Manager

    “…this one session was better than my entire therapy!”
    – happy client

    “I love working with Alisa because she responds to my individual personality and situation and made me instantly feel comfortable to speak openly about topics I am usually more restrained to talk about.”
    – Vera Grablechner | Digital Innovation and Business Consultant

    “…what makes it immensely powerful, is that it all comes from within you! Whenever I would finish talking to Alisa, I would feel a sense of peace and equilibrium, while being ready for action in the same time.”
    – Cristina Soreanu | Project Manager at SOS Children’s Villages International

    “Working with Alisa you will always feel in a safe space to talk about everything! She will guide you in a not expected way. By working with Alisa, solutions to questions that have been lingering for a long time are suddenly very simple! From feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions I needed to make within the last your to fully owning every step I take and every decision I take. I am confident, that the professional path I am pursuing now and the steps I took to get on track are the right ones.
    – Cathrine Bondi de Antoni | Associate Lawyer

    “Alisa opens the space to come as you are – passionate, ambitious, vulnerable or a bit weird. I was all of that during our mentor-mentee time. And it was ok! Acceptance. Respect. Trust. Genuine Interest.
    – Johanna Ginter | Psychologist, Sexuality Educator, Coach

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